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Apple is a company that has excelled in hardware innovation such as computers, iPod, iPhone among others, even in software development has had a leadership in operating system, video editing software and some success in productivity software such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers, however little is known about Apple and its plan with Artificial Intelligence, how to use it in its products and how it can be a catalyst for developers who seek to generate models to use them in applications in general.

Artificial intelligence in software:

Apple implements machine learning models in their devices using specialized software for this…

The use of technology has gone hand in hand with the increase in people’s life expectancy, especially since medicine and different branches have been enhanced by the inclusion of computers in their studies, in this case artificial intelligence and breast cancer are leading a revolution in the relationship between artificial intelligence and medicine.

To begin with, it is important to differentiate the search in medicine to find a definitive cure for cancer, a disease that has been present for thousands of years in humanity and to seek to increase the early detection of this disease.

One of the most important…

The widespread use of technology has been incremental since the personal computer became popular, today it is in every moment of our life, at this point we will see what fitness with artificial intelligence is like today.

Before going fully into this article, it is important to note that artificial intelligence is present today in all sports, from athletics to Formula 1, however when referring to fitness with artificial intelligence, we are focusing on those exercises that we do it in our home, in the park or in the gym we go to every week.

The first impact that we…

The uses of artificial intelligence in transportation today go beyond autonomous cars or the technology that is included in each vehicle.

There are uses of artificial intelligence that are able to determine the influx of traffic, the times of traffic light crossings and even for the projection of works that could improve the urban use of public roads.

However, not everything is good in the development of artificial intelligence in transport, today the application of artificial intelligence in any of the elements that surround the vehicles is very high.

Access for government, private industry or even individuals to artificial intelligence…

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The human condition dictates that as living beings, our bodies as well as our minds will deteriorate over time until eventually, they stop working completely.

The idea of ​​eternal life has always been in the mind and imagination of humanity, existing throughout history kings and emperors paying whoever could provide this benefit of never dying.

Currently, there is a possible solution, an idea that can allow a person to download his mind and even his consciousness to a non-biological entity and not subject to the normal laws of decay.

What is the reality at the moment?

Start your journey in Artificial Intelligence

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It is important to begin to understand broadly what Artificial Intelligence is, to choose a specialization or the next course or program to study.
This is exactly what CS50s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python provides students with a comprehensive course on the major branches of artificial intelligence.

It is important to note that this article is not intended to promote or generate publicity for the course, as well as going into detail on the topics taught within it. …

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One of the fastest-growing sectors in the world is Data Science.

From the business point of view, as well as professionals seeking to be in the highest paid careers in the world, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are becoming a fundamental part of lives.

Definition of Machine Learning in 2020

It is important to highlight that machine learning is a concept that has existed for several decades, that is why the definition explained here is what we know today in 2020.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that seeks that the processes of deduction of information, inferences, and decision-making by an electronic entity, be…

Existen varios debates que han surgido desde la concepción de la posibilidad de dar inteligencia a una entidad, siendo uno de estos el debate de la relación entre el humanismo y la inteligencia artificial.

Dado que el objetivo de muchas investigaciones es crear sistemas que piensan como humanos, es natural el tratar de entender la implicación que tiene esto en el humanismo.

El futuro de la inteligencia artificial está en poder crear entidades que puedan igualar o superar al ser humano, de ahí la pregunta ¿En dónde queda el valor del ser humano y su condición humana?

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